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shemale (also known as a chick-with-dick or a transsexual) is, in clinical terms, a hermaphrodite--someone with the secondary characteristics of both sexes. While a true hermaphrodite has both a male and female reproductive system, "shemale" generally refers to a biological male who has shapely female breasts. The breasts may be implants but more often are the result of hormone injections by a medical doctor. These injections are usually, but not always, a stage of preparation for sexual reassignment surgery (i.e. a sex change operation). For a variety of reasons, both financial and psychological, some transsexuals prefer not to complete the process of transformation but to live as shemales--dressing and acting as women while still retaining their male organs. People (straight, gay and bisexual) find shemales mysterious and exciting; some have a passionate fetish for these exotic creatures......


There is nothing that can be said about the beauty of youth that has not already been expressed by poets. The freshness of young skin, the vibrant glow of health, the wonderfully smooth and limber bodies, as well as the aura of innocence and trust, all combine to make men and women over 18 highly desirable sex partners. For some adults, relationships with younger lovers are like drinking from the fountain of youth. It awakens their libido and permits them to indulge in types of pleasures they haven't enjoyed since they were that age. Others may prefer only to fantasize about 18+ lovers because they don't feel such relationships are appropriate in real life. However, they enjoy harmlessly indulging their fantasies about barely-legal partners, turned on by the uninhibited joy that we all associate with youth...

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